Monday, October 3, 2011

Moving On...

Be warned, fellow 99ers: efforts are already in place to tie our movement to leftist organizations such as and the re-election campaign for President Obama. The Drudge Report, InfoWars (Alex Jones), and anonymous commentators on mainstream news sites are beginning en masse to try to link our movement to various established leftist organizations, with absolutely no evidence to back up their claims (although in the case of InfoWars, this is nothing new).

This is a lie. The Occupy Movement is neither Republican nor Democrat, and does not call for the re-election of Obama or for the election of any other politician. Furthermore, we are definitely not affiliated with, who are bankrolled by the very people we oppose: Wall Street bankers and billionaires such as George Soros.

Should any group or individual outside of the Occupy Movement claim to have our support, they are lying and should be called out on it. Furthermore, should you encounter anyone in your daily life who tries to tell you that the movement is linked to organizations such as, call them out on their lies and ask to see the proof.

You can read more about's ties to Wall Street, George Soros, and the Obama campaign here.

Fox News Interview

This is how you respond to an interview. Know what you're talking about, remain calm, and be concise. I'll repeat calls I've heard on Reddit: if you are not 100% sure of what your positions are, or the positions of OWS, please decline requests to conduct an interview.

Can't wait to see this not aired on Fox.

Occupy Austin General Assembly for Oct. 3

Occupy Austin General Assembly will be held tonight at City Hall from 7 to 9 pm. Planned activities and discussions include a reading of the solidarity statement. More info can be found here.

Support from Tahrir

Amazing to see solidarity pouring in from halfway across the world. The whole world is watching us; let's not disappoint.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Contact Mike Bloomberg

Mayor Bloomberg may be contacted through his office here.

Please politely and respectfully let him know your disappointment with his handling of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

ABC Brings Us To Light

ABC News, at last.
Now watch the comments begin to pile up with astroturfers.

EDIT: Funnily enough, trying to sign up to post a comment results in an infinite loop error on my end. What about you?

At Last, A Declaration!

Declared At Last.

Now let them tell us that we have no core ideals.